Cat & Dog Grooming Glove

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Our high-quality Dog Grooming Glove was designed to be extremely gentle with your pet, bringing only satisfaction and pleasure. You will achieve great grooming results while just petting and stroking your pet. No more stressful chasing trying to comb out your pet. Grooming has never felt so good with our magic brush.


Dog Grooming Glove
Dog Grooming Glove

Dog Grooming Glove

Dog Grooming Glove
Dog Grooming Glove

Dog Grooming Glove
Dog Grooming Glove

Dog Grooming Glove

The stress-free dog grooming glove that you wear, so you can stroke your pet and groom them at the same time. Loose hairs end up in the bin, not on the floor!

The specially designed True Touch grooming glove just slides onto your hand. With five separate fingers, it looks and feels like a normal glove, but the silicone surface, with its rubberised nodules, picks up hair and holds it there, eventually leaving you with a palm-full of loose hair that you can simply peel off and throw away. No mess, no fuss and, most importantly of all, no stress to your furry companion. Because it’s a flexible glove and not a rigid, steel-toothed comb, you can contour your hand to reach areas that are often neglected.

Dogs can be nervous of brushes with steel teeth that tug on hair and scratch their skin. And cats are often "twitchy" and react badly to being contained during grooming. This is why the dog grooming glove is a necessary chore for kind of pets.

Main Features:
  • Remove loose pet fur during hair shedding
  • Remove hair from couches and make your house clean
  • Brush your pet fur and give him or her a smooth and shiny look
  • Massage pet and promote blood circulation
  • Bathe your pet with this puppy shedding brush
PERFECT FOR ALL COAT TYPES – long or short hair, wet or dry and adjustable Velcro strap fits all size hands with flexible mesh.

FIVE-FINGER DESIGN – Glove gently imitates the true touch of your hand. Let your fur-baby think he is getting petted instead of groomed.

USE IT WET OR DRY – It's great for bathing your pet, washing with waterless shampoo or cleaning with detangling spray.

DESIGNED WITH SOFT RUBBER TIPS – Gently fix nasty tangles and mats while lifting dirt and dust from the fur, IT IS WASHABLE, Simply dry under the Sun after using.

ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAP – gently secures glove on any hand.

EASY TO CLEAN – When grooming session is finished – simply peel the hair off and throw it away.

  • Material: Rubber
  • Suitable for: Dogs, cats, and any other pets.
  • Color: Blue

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