Pasta Noodle Maker Machine

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Pasta Maker Noodle Machine can make different kinds of pasta as it comes with interchangeable pasta mould. This pasta maker is very convenient and hygienic to make delicious noodles. And it easy to use,save your time. And it can be also used to extract juice. After usage, you can unscrew the machine and wash it by water.


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Easy To Use Pasta Maker Noodle Machine Set

Simply unscrew the cap of the Pasta Maker Noodle Machine Kitchen Set and put your soft dough. Recap and carefully hand rotate the handle to press dough to make pasta.

A memorable gift to your family and friend as a very useful kitchen tool.

Can Make Different Kinds of Pasta
Pasta choices are wide using Pasta Maker Noodle Machine Kitchen Set as it comes with 7 interchangeable pasta molds.

Make thin noodles, thick noodles, fettuccine and more!

Saves You Time
Just put your dough inside, manually rotate the handle to make pasta in minutes.

  • Can be used for extracting fruit juices and even for making baby food.

1. Add proper water to the flour to make a soft dough; 
2. Unscrew the mould, cut the dough or fruits into proper size and put it into the main cylinder; 
3. One hand holds the crank handle and the other hand rotates the handle to press the dough or fruits; 
4. It is highly recommended to let the outlet get close to the water in order to avoid the noodle getting sticky together; 
5. Wash the noodle press machine after disassembling. 

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