Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves

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Bamboo fiber dishwashing gloves make it easy to clean the oil of the dishes, plates and etc. No need to worry that the gloves will be dirty, rinse with water, the gloves will be clean and still the new one. One side is made of bamboo fiber velvet, soft surface, much easier to wash dishes and clean the oil. The other side is made of plastic wire, which can use to clean stubborn stains. Good Kitchen helper. Unlike the traditional big latex rubber golves, this bamboo fiber dishwashing gloves is lightweight and wear comfortably.


Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves

Fiber Dishwashing Gloves
Dishwashing Gloves
Bamboo Fiber
Fiber Dishwashing
Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves
Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves
Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves

Bamboo Fiber Dish Washing Gloves are made of 100% Bamboo Fiber with ULTIMATE oil removal & cleaning power.

Only little detergent is required- you can save up to 50% of detergent than normal cleaning gloves! They are waterproof, oilproof and anti-slip which help you clean in an easy & non-greasy way.

Bamboo Fiber Dishwashing Gloves will fully protect your hands and make this chore easy and fun. They’re thick, heat resistant, slip resistant, and reusable. It’s very easy to wash them with warm water without any oil residue. Get your pair of gloves today with FREE shipping on all orders!

  • Anti-slip: Textured palm & fingertips improve grip while handling wet objects
  • Ultra-Fresh & Antibacterial: Inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold & mildew on the glove
  • Bamboo fiber has strong decontamination ability
  • Detergent saving: Easy to foam with a little detergent
  • Built-in high-quality sponge: Soft & sweat-absorbent
  • Waterproof & oilproof

Thick heat-resistant coating: Safe to use without hurting hands
Easy to clean & reusable: Bamboo fiber surface with 7x water absorption & oil removal power

Multi-functional: Wash dishes & cups, clean kitchen utensils & furniture; Can be used as insulating gloves

One-sized gloves: Suitable for various sizes of hands.

  • Bamboo fiber, sponge, PEVA 
  • Size: 20cm x 12cm x 3cm 
  • Weight: 20g

1 Pair x Dish Washing Gloves

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