Magic Roll Sushi Maker

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Sushi Magic, the world's best home sushi maker, is our patented express home sushi maker. Acclaimed by home users and chefs alike, Sushi Magic is a complete sushi making system that really works. Sushi Magic is the only sushi roller that makes sushi with your choice of rice or nori together to shape professional quality sushi in your kitchen. Great for throwing a sushi party, preparing appetizers, and making healthy meals. Check out our sushi demo video


Magic Roll Sushi Maker

Magic Roll Sushi Maker
Magic Roll Sushi Maker
Magic Roll Sushi Maker
Magic Roll Sushi Maker 
Magic Roll Sushi Maker
Magic Roll Sushi Maker

Sushi Magic comes in stylish black design. So easy to use. Breeze through the process quickly and easily and make sushi in minutes.Enjoy a homemade healthy snack and impress your friends with your sushi making skills. A great present for sushi lovers and master chefs!

No More Mess, Just Perfect Sushi:  No more uneven sushi rolls, re-washing your hands and cleaning up kitchen messes.

Save Time And Money: Cut your food preparation time in half while saving on large restaurant bills.

Delicious Custom Rolls: Pick and choose your favorite ingredients to add to your rolls, eat healthier.

Durable And Washable: Quality materials and dishwasher friendly plastics mean you receive a quality, long-lasting product.

1.Fill Magic Roll .
2.Fold over clip with loop.
3.Remove finished roll.
4.Hold clip and pull band together at the loop.
5.Tinghtly attach the end of the band in the centre.

Material: ABSPackage 

Package Includes: 1x Magic Roll Sushi Maker.

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