Easy Donut Maker

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With Easy Donut Maker, making donuts is a piece of cake. Flawlessly create tasty treats with the help of its durable plastic bowl for long-lasting use. The lightweight, easy to use design, allows you to press down on the top to let batter flow and release it to stop. It's that simple. Just fill it with the batter of your choice and enjoy the perfect, no-mess way to dispense biscuits, crepes, pancakes and more. Plus, there's no wasted batter, so you'll really feel like a pro in the kitchen. The dout maker has such an easy-to-clean design, it is sure to encourage you to make homemade goodies much more often. No more rolling, cutting and forming donuts by hand. Easy Donut Maker also makes great pancakes too! Simply pour in the batter and drop in oil and cook.


Donut Maker

Donut Maker
Donut Maker
Donut Mould Easy Fast
Donut Mould Easy Fast
Donut Mould Easy Fast
Donut Mould Easy Fast
Donut Mould Easy Fast

Are you looking for something to help you make perfect deserts, even when you are in a hurry? Here is our Donut Maker!

Benefits of having Donut Maker

Our new Donut Maker is a real breakthrough in the world of deserts. It is a tool that will help you to make perfect looking donuts with ease and in no time. 

This Donut Maker is easy to use. Easier than making pancakes! Just pour your mix into the maker, press the button, and there you have your perfect donut!

Our Donut Maker is made of premium plastic that makes it strong and durable. It won't break even if your kid accidentally drops it while being a perfect cook, just like you!

Moreover, the material is non-toxic and you can safely prepare food in it with no worries. The Donut Maker is lightweight and anyone can prepare perfect deserts with it. 

Thanks to the high-quality materials, the Donut Maker is easy to clean in no time and ready to be used again!


With this donut dispenser, it's easy to make donuts like the pros.   
In fact, it's very easy, as simple as making pancakes. 


1.Mix the batter just like pancakes. 
2.Heat the oil. 
3. Hold the dispenser over the hot oil and squeeze the handle. 


Size: diameter: 9.5 cm/3.74"; height: 18 cm/7.09". 

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