Wooden 3D Smartphone Magnifier Screen

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With Wooden 3D Smartphone Magnifier Screen’s large screen, you won’t have to worry about straining your eyes. Now you’ll be able to watch movies and television with a little more ease while being able to kick back and relax. If you’re someone who enjoys watching movies, tv shows, or playing games on your phone throughout the day, then you’ll absolutely fall in love with this unique phone magnifier. Letting you watch the things you love from your smartphone with up to 2x magnification, you’ll be able to sit or lay comfortably with your hands-free, allowing you to enjoy your entertainment the way you want.


Wooden 3D Smartphone Magnifier Screen

Wooden 3D Smartphone Magnifier Screen

Wooden 3D Smartphone Magnifier Screen
Wooden 3D Smartphone Magnifier Screen

If you have friends or family who always seem glued to their smartphones, then our smartphone magnifier is the perfect gift for them. Once they see its fun retro design and how clear the magnification is, they’ll love using it every moment they can. Also, for those that love to travel a lot, using their phones can be their main source of entertainment when stuck at the airport or going to the next destination. This cell phone screen magnifier is ideal for travelers that want to watch their favorite movies and shows on a larger screen when relaxing in an Uber, cab or hotel room. This cell phone projector works as both an iPhone and Android magnifier.

What a clever gadget for all ages, sit back relax and watch a Movie, Netflix, You Tube on your smartphone without straining your eyes.

Our 3D Smartphone Magnifier, is compact and light weight and very easy to carry.

If you want to read a news article or 2 and don't want to strain your eyes this is a perfect gift for someone.

The 3D Smartphone Magnifier is a One piece design.

Perfect for any smartphone, and very light weight in design, take it anywhere.

All you have to do is adjust the screen to your liking, sit back and relax and enjoy the entertainment.

Get one for home and one for the travelling, Buy in bundles and SAVE!

Product Features
  • No Batteries needed
  • Ideal for reading and watching
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Material - Wood, Acrylic    
  • Screen Size - 12 inch 
  • Size - 26.2 x 19.2cm/10.3 x 7.5inch(L x W)
  • Suitable for Iphone, Android - any smartphone.

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