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34.99 Use Key Storage Lock Box to store your keys and other small items. It's great to use for emergenc...

Key Storage Lock Box


Key Storage Lock Box

Use Key Storage Lock Box to store your keys and other small items. It's great to use for emergency entry, vacation home, pet sitters or wherever else you may need it. Nylon expanding wall anchors can be used to screw the safe onto a floor or any other hard surface. So you don't have to hide your keys underneath your doormat in a flowerpot! Now keep them safe and secure in the Key Storage Lock Box !

Key Storage Lock Box Padlock with 4-Digit Combination is suitable for keys management of home, company, office, factory, realtor, real estate, construction site, etc.

Store up to 5 keys with the Wall Mount Steel Combination Padlock Key Safe. It is reinforced to withstand hammering and sawing, while the shutter door covers the combination for protection against the elements. It can easily fasten to a wall, and its attractive design blends with any decor to minimize attention.

This state-of-the-art lockbox keeps your keys and other valuables protected. Its ultra-strong construction withstands hammering sawing, keeping thieves at bay. A four number dial provides up to 10,000 unique combinations, maximizing security and eliminating the risk of lucky guesses.

With this Key Storage Lock Box , it's easy to set your own four-digit combination. Just enter your chosen code for complete control over access to your keys. And because it offers up to 10,000 combination possibilities, this system is more secure than key locks, and it gives you the option of resetting the combination whenever you wish.

The heavy duty steel construction of our Key Box makes it non-corrosive and weather-resistant. It won’t freeze and crack or rust. A weatherproof shutter cover slides over the 4 combination dials is to shield them from rain, snow and ice.No amount of sawing or prying will gain access the key compartment.

  • Portable key lock box, a better, more secure solution for keys storage
  • 4 resettable digit dial, it offers passwords up to 10,000 combinations, safe and reliable
  • Don't have to carry keys when you go outside, convenient for any other authorized person to use the key
  • Solid body can withstand hammering and sawing
  • Rust-free, dust proof and rainproof, it's durable and long life
  • Can storage your house, car or padlock keys, perfect for your spare key
  • Keep the lockbox closed at all times.
  • We recommend avoiding combinations such as “0-0-0-0”. For best security,    choose a combination that is difficult to crack.
  • Rotate the dials weekly to maximize their lifespan.
  • DO NOT forget your combination code. This lockbox cannot be opened without the proper code.
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