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59.99-130.95 This Portable Mini Espresso Maker was created for you to experience coffee freedom on your terms...

Mini Espresso Maker Portable

Mini Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Maker

Mini Espresso Maker

This Portable Mini Espresso Maker was created for you to experience coffee freedom on your terms! Gives you great tasting espresso anytime and anywhere without wasting time and money at overpriced coffee shops. Pour your high quality espresso anywhere and anytime. Be your own barista! 

The first portable espresso maker

Have the authentic coffee pleasure anytime and anywhere with Mini Espresso, a small, compact and clever espresso maker which can give you an excellent espresso with crema. The small size design is suitable for carry on the road, you can pack it in your backpack or draw-bar box. Enjoy a cup of espresso coffee on the business trip or in the office break room which made by yourself, save time to line up at the coffee shop, and at a fraction of the cost.

It is easy, fun, no batteries, no cables, just your excellent shot from your portable espresso machine.

Suitable For Camping Outdoor
  • We are taking espresso on the road, on the way beyond the normal range.
  • It fits nicely in the water bottle holder of a backpack, carry on luggage, glove box, or desk drawer.
  • When you are in travling, hiking or camping, espresso is on the go with Sweet Alice espresso maker.
  • When you sleep in a tent, a hotel bed, or at home, Mini espresso brings your morning cup.

Small Design & Large Pressure: Portable Mini Espresso Maker build-in 8 bar pressure, permanent filter and espresso cup and scoop, producing coffee which has rich flavor, lower acidity or bitterness, offer you energy with silky tasty espresso just like coming from professional makers

Perfect Gift Choice: If you are looking for the perfect gift for your friends or family members who loves drinking coffee, then look no further. The Mini Manual Espresso Maker is your unforgettable present. Whether it's for a wedding, house-warming, Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, Mini Espresso Maker is the best gift choice.

Easy Use & Portable: Mini Handheld Espresso Maker, just need 2.7 oz hot water and 7g grind coffee,press the piston on the side ,there's No Battery, No Electric Power, Just need several minutes of pressing when you want to drink coffee, Caffe or Cappuccino

Simple Cleaning and don't need any special maintenance:The open design makes the regular cleaning simple and quick.And food grade material & LFGB certified. No chemicals, safe to use.


- Automatically pumps your espresso for you
- Comes with a detachable coffee cup that's super easy to use
- Just add your favorite coffee grounds and hot water
- Convenient and easy to carry, a lot less hassle and equipment than your usual espresso maker!

So whether you are traveling, hiking, running, camping or just out on the town, you can use this revolutionary device to make the perfect espresso!

Use Steps
Step 1: Dismantle the Espresso Maker.
Step 2: Fill the two filter basket with ground coffee using the pre-measured scoop.
Step 3: Fill the water tank with hot water.
Step 4: Place one filter basket on the top of the main body, screw back the outlet head tight.
Step 5: Screw tight the water tank to the main body.
Step 6: Unlock the piston and point the spout to the espresso cup and start pumping.
Step 7: Pump until coffee stops coming out.
Step 8: Replace the filter basket and refill the water tank, make a second shot of espresso.
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