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28.99 Egg-Roll Hands-Free Automatic is the innovative quick, simple and easy to use cooking system for every day c...

Egg-Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical Nonstick

Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical Nonstick

Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical

Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical

Egg Roll Breakfast Machine Hands-Automatic

Hands-Free Electric Automatic Vertical Nonstick Egg Roll Cooker

Electric Vertical Egg Cooker Sausage Omelet Maker

Egg Roll Breakfast Machine Hands Free Automatic Electric Vertical

Egg-Roll Hands-Free Automatic is the innovative quick, simple and easy to use cooking system for every day convenience, and fun, bite size food product. No more having to bring out the frying pan, waiting for water to boil or have shells to peel. Discover a whole new way to prepare eggs and other tasty snacks in minutes! The Easy Quick Egg Cooker Maker is a fast and healthy way to cook eggs perfectly every time. Just crack an egg, pour it in and watch it get fully cooked in 6 to 8 minutes. Add cheese, onions, bacon etc. for a quick omelet on-a-stick. The unique vertical cooking chamber makes it easy to create dozens of fast and delicious treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

The Egg-Roll Hands-Free Automatic changes the regular style of scrambled eggs, forming them into a cylinder. You can even add vegetables and cheese for a rolled-up omelet. This egg cooker offers a different spin on a classic breakfast food. With this egg cooker, you can crack up to three eggs directly into the opening at the top. After six to eight minutes, they puff up out of the top and are ready to serve. The nonstick interior helps your recipes come out in a smooth cylinder shape, making them easy to cut into slices, eat them by hand like a burrito, or skewer and eat on the go. 

1.Revolutionary cooking system lets you enjoy egg treats like never before.

2.Prepare eggs, omelets, frittatas and more in just 2 easy steps.

3.Unique, patented design cooks healthy and delicious eggs without the use of pots or pans.

4.Easy to use and clean with a durable non-stick cooking chamber. 

5.Each unit comes with a cleaning brush, 5 wooden skewers, food packaging accessory and a user manual with 25 recipes.

Basic Operation:

1. Place the Egg roll machine on a flat heat-resistant surface and plug the appliance into an electrical wall outlet. The red power light will turn on, indicating that the appliance is on and operational.

2. Allow the appliance to heat until the green light turns on, indicating the device is ready to be used.

3. Once the green light turns on and the appliance is ready to use, hold the unit horizontally and pour in vegetable oil into the cooking chamber.

4. Crack open no more than 1 to 2 large eggs directly into the cooking chamber.
For fully cooked eggs, cook for approximately 7-8 minutes at which time the food should rise upward, otherwise you may pour out the eggs.

5. For softer eggs, pour out eggs from cooking chamber after cooking for about 5-6 minutes.

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