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17.97 [Color = Orange, Pink] This powerful manual Juicer Citrus is a game-changer! Get all of the health be...

Hand Juicer Citrus - Portable Lemon Squeezer

Hand Juicer Citrus

Lemon Squeezer

Juicer Orange Juice
Lemon Citrus Squeezer
Manual Lemon Citrus Squeezer

Lemon Citrus Squeezer

Citrus Squeezer

Lemon Citrus Squeezer

[Color = Orange, Pink]

This powerful manual Juicer Citrus is a game-changer! Get all of the health benefits of your daily vitamin C and nutrients with the Portable Lemon Squeezer. Equipped with integrated blades that allow you to grip to your orange, grapes or berries and twist to extract the juices inside in seconds with the unique integrated design profile. So easy a child could turn it!

Enjoy a healthy and refreshing drink anytime, anywhere.

So many times we crave freshly squeezed orange juice. Now we can have exactly what we crave, whenever we crave it! The portable Lime, Lemon and Orange Juicer means you can make juice on the go in under a minute.

Designed with your needs in mind. Measuring at only 6.8x3.6 inches, the small size of this multipurpose juicer makes it easy to store, be it in your cupboards, drawers, your bar or in your bag. It's designed with an integrated pulp filter and a built in cup that can hold up to 11 ounces of juice!

Our juicer is made of durable, lightweight ABS plastic with soft rounded edges. we've added rubber footing on the bottom of our Manual Squeezer, which keeps it firmly grounded when in use! This not only prevents accidents, but creates a better grip.

Making juice just got a whole more convenient!

Enjoying a freshly squeezed cup of juice is one of those things in life that just feel great, and there's that extra bit of satisfaction knowing we made it ourselves. However that usually means a loud electric juicer or straining our hands on an old manual one, which isn't exactly a pleasant thing.

That's why we've made an orange, lime and lemon press squeezer that gives you the efficiency of an electric one, with all the simplicity of a manual juicer.

With our Fruit Press Juicer you can:

• Make flavorful juices at the drop of a hat – takes less than a minute to make any fruit juice
• Store it anywhere or take it with you – compact design
• Use it for a lifetime – built to stand the test of time
• Easily clean it in the dishwasher - separates into three parts

The Hand Squeezer Juicer will make a great gift for your mom, dad, sister, son, teacher, grandparents or a friend. Anyone can use it and everyone should have it in their kitchen.

Hand Fruit Squeezer: This juicer enables you to squeeze the fruit(especially citrus fruit) to get the fresh and tasty juice manually and expediently. No power needed, no battery. Simply cut the fruit in half and place it on the reamer, press down and twist the lid. Then you can enjoy the drink.

Healthy Material: The entire body of the gadget is made of BPA free, ABS, which does no harm to us. And there is no smell unpleasant existed. It ensures you to get the best original flavor.

Smart Design: Distinguishing from other like products, we lengthen our blade edge to make the blades more sharp . The rotatable lid and the modified blades allows you to extract effortlessly while collect all the juice because of no spill wasted. And all the seeds, pulp or peel would be filtered with the help of the strainer. Besides, the cup can store 160z/2cups juice. (About the volume of 4-5 orange juice. )

Enjoy freshly squeezed juice every day, starting today!

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