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32.95 [Color=Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Black] Here’s the best Portable Thermal Lunch Box you've alwa...

Portable Thermal Lunch Box

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Thermal Lunch Box

Thermal Lunch Box

Thermal Lunch Box

Thermal Lunch Box

Thermal Lunch Box

Thermal Lunch Box

Thermal Lunch Box

[Color=Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Black]

Here’s the best Portable Thermal Lunch Box you've always wanted! Your lunch is now fresh, hot and healthy with all new Thermal lunch box. It features sealed layers to retain freshness for hours and easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Our Portable Thermal Lunch Box is all-in-one lunch box that comes with everything you need to enjoy soups, meats, salad, and so much more. The multi-compartment lunch box is a perfect choice to keep your food fresh and hot wherever and whenever.  

Whether you want to eat healthy with a control diet, send your child to school and are looking for a durable, leakproof lunch box or you just packing some food to take along, you've come to the right place! We will bring you an experience more than you need. 

The Thermal Lunch Box retain hot and cold temperatures throughout the day to sustain food quality, freshness and taste. The double-walled vacuum insulated exterior will keep your food cold for up to 3 hours or hot up to 2 hours, which will make your meal taste better.

EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE INSULATION : Second generation multi-layer insulation can keeps your food warm up to 2-3 hours. BUT Please be AWARE that there a couple of things will affect the insulation: 

-1 the amount of the food in the lunch box. If the food is less than 3/4 of the lunch box, it may reduce the insulation capability. 

-2  the original temperature of the food put in the lunch box needs to be high enough.

INSULATED BAG INCLUDED : Made of felt fabric and food grade aluminum foil lined interior, it can not only enhance the insulation, but also make it easier to be carried around.

100% FOOD SAFE : Interior is made from high quality food-grade stainless steel SS304 which will never rust and is naturally BPA-free. Does not retain flavors or scents, so you can use it over & over again. The exterior and dividers are made from food-grade safe plastic.

LEAK & SPILL PROOF : Between each stackable insulated compartment are heavy-duty silicone seals to lock in freshness, leaks and odors. Please be aware that the coupling between layers is tight to prevent leak and spill. After using it for a couple of times, it will become smooth.

LEAK PROOF : Carrying liquid foods including curry, chili or soup with no leakage during transportation. Each layer has a screw top locking system creating an airtight seal. 

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY : Durable high quality 18/8 stainless steel and a commercial grade plastic material. Easy to clean. 100% BPA FREE - non-toxic pollution.

  • High quality sealed stainless steel material
  • Change the size as per your need
  • Eco-friendly material, portable with thermal insulation
  • Portable style.Easy to carry for school,picnic,camping and so on.
  • Free assembly and disassembly. You can change the size and capacity according to your needs.
  • Made of high quality food-grade stainless steel which will never rust and is 100% BPA-free.

  • When the lunch box contains hot soup, it should be kept for one minute .
  • Holding time according to different countries and regions having certain difference.
  • Details shown is based on the temperature measurement data.
  • It can't be used in microwave.
  • It can't be used in dishwasher.
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