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The Portable Nebulizer is a device specially used to treat upper respiratory diseases, such as cold, fever, cough, sputum, asthma, sore thro...

Portable Nebulizer Ultrasonic

The Portable Nebulizer is a device specially used to treat upper respiratory diseases, such as cold, fever, cough, sputum, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases. Suitable for all ages, especially for children and seniors. Small and portable, you can take it with you on the go.

Portable Nebulizer Ultrasonic

Portable Nebulizer

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Portable Nebulizer (sometimes called hand-held nebulizers) are ideal for patients who work, attend school, or are active and have to take their medication even when not at home. Portable nebulizers machine can be either ultrasonic-mesh nebulizers or the more traditional jet nebulizer style. The ultrasonic-mesh are typically smaller and definitely quieter and are able to nebulize a single dose of medication in under 5 minutes which is ideal especially for both kids and adults and anyone who has to take multiple treatments every day. portable portable is a battery-powered device which includes power from USB cable and AA batteries (standard or rechargeable), meanwhile the light flashes when the battery is empty or the voltage is insufficient. 
The versatility of portable nebulizer ultrasonic is what makes it so appealing to many patients.
Portable nebulized therapy is an important and effective treatment method for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The nebulized inhaler is used to atomize the drug solution into tiny particles. The drug enters the respiratory tract and lungs through breathing inhalation, thereby achieving painlessness. 
The Mesh Nebulizer is a device specially used to treat upper respiratory diseases, such as cold, fever, cough, sputum, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases. The nebulizer medicine enters the respiratory tract and lungs through breathing and inhalation and reaches the affected area directly. Therefore, the nebulization treatment takes effect faster than oral medicine. And because the drug directly enters the respiratory tract, its dosage needs only one-tenth of the oral method, which significantly reduces the toxic and side effects of the drug, which is especially important for children and the elderly. Therefore, the atomization treatment is effective and safe.
- Two Operation Modes: This item has two operation modes, the first one is a mild mode recommended for children. After turning it on, press the button again to use the strong mode suitable for adults. Choose the mode you need!
Our portable nebulizer will switch off automatically when the medicine/liquid has been almost entirely used up or the voltage is insufficient. It is also equipped with an easy-to-operate automatic cleaning function, just remove the accessories, remove the remains and add water, turn on the equipment to start the cleaning.
Quieter Nebulization - Newly upgraded nebulizer’ s sound level<15dB, will keep silent for you!
Complete Accessories - A adult mask and a child mask are packed with the nebulizer for daily use of child and adult. We also prepared mouthpiece, user manual and USB cable for customers.

we take pride in providing our customers with quality products to ensure you are satisfied with all your purchases.
Portable Nebulizer (Hand-held Nebulizer) Patient Applications: Portable nebulizer machine compressors are used to dispense aerosol medications when the patient travels in order to provide pulmonary therapy at any time, anywhere.
Can I Use A Portable Nebulizer For Asthma?
Yes! All nebulizers are designed to deliver asthma medicine effectively to anyone who has difficulty using an asthma inhaler. The portable option is both convenient and safe.
Do You Need To Clean A Portable Mesh Nebulizer Machine After Each Use?
We recommend cleaning your portable nebulizer concentrator mouthpiece each week by boiling it to prevent the spread of germs. While you should consult the cleaning instructions from your machine manufacturer, every day you should wipe it with a clean soapy cloth and leave it to air dry.
How Long Does A Portable Nebulizer Machine Last?
The nebulizer compressor will eventually wear out on your portable nebulizer compressor. The compressor will last longer if you change the air filter frequently because a dirty filter means the air compressor has to work harder. It is also very important to follow the cleaning tips provided with your portable nebulizer because otherwise dust and dirt can build up and shorten the life of the compressor. Portable nebulizer compressors should be replaced every 5 years.

Is A Portable Nebulizer Better Than An Inhaler?
Both devices are equally effective, although each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Inhalers, for example, are more prone to user mistakes but provide a quick response and are best when you are on the go. Nebulizers can be used for longer durations and usually result in fewer user mistakes.
Can I Use A Portable Nebulizer Every Day?
Yes, you can use a portable mesh nebulizer every day. Consult your doctor for your specific nebulizer treatment plan. Treatments can last between 5 and 15 minutes and can be taken multiple times per day.
Can I Use A Portable Nebulizer With Just Water?
Only use a saline water solution in a nebulizer. Never use tap or bottled water to fill your nebulizer.
Is A Portable Nebulizer Good For COPD?
Inhalation therapy, including inhalers and nebulizers, is the most widely used method of medication for COPD. A nebulizer's quick and efficient treatment of symptoms may significantly boost a COPD patient’s quality of life. Consult with your physician for the best method of treating your COPD.
Does A Portable Mesh Nebulizer Help With Shortness Of Breath?
When doctors prescribe nebulizer medicine for the shortness of breath they often suggest a portable nebulizer as the delivery mechanism. Your doctor may recommend a nebulizer or an inhaler if you have asthma, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis.
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