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54.85 Foldable Auto Traction Mat is the best Snow Chain alternative, Anti Spinning Snow Grabber, Ideal To Unstuck ...

Foldable Trucks Snow & Mud Tires Chains

Foldable Anti-skid Plat Mud Tires Protection
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snow tire chains
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Trucks Snow Chains

Trucks Snow & Mud Tires Chains
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Foldable Auto Traction Mat is the best Snow Chain alternative, Anti Spinning Snow Grabber, Ideal To Unstuck Your Car From Snow, Ice, and Mud. As the weather gets worse and we approaching the heavy snow storm season, you need to prepare yourself for the unexpected, with the anti slip Snow Traction Mat your good to go, The mats are for all the year, all weather use, can be used in winter for the snow, and Summer in the mud, If you use it once, you'll never travel without it.

Foldable Trucks Snow & Mud For Your Tires, For Your Car's Protection From Snow, Ice, Mud Or Sand!!!

When your car is stuck in a puddle or slipping in the sand or snow, it will be easy to help you out of trouble by putting the plate under the wheel. Unique design, divided into three folds, almost all soft ground for the complex terrain, snow mud sand pits and gravel and so on.

Scope Of Application: Snowfield, Mud Land, Sandy Land

The three-section folding design can be used to get stuck in a pit or into a complex terrain.

It is 55cm long and 17.5cm wide and is suitable for most car tire sizes. It only needs one wheel to get out of trouble.

Made of high-quality PP material, high temperature, and low-temperature resistance, surface texture design increases friction and good anti-skid performance.

Multiple Purposes- Emergency use for getting out of the stuck in the snow, mud, puddle and sand.
  • Easy to Carry- Quite lightweight, portable, space-saving and easy to carry around.
  • Good Helper- With a handle and a shovel head, can be used as snow shovel, provides you with safe and practical using experience.
  • Perfect Capability- With 2 tons of load-bearing, extremely wearproof, durable, anti-slip and safe.
  • Appropriate Size- Suitable for all tires, work greatly for getting rid of poverty by rolling the mat a round.

  1. Product:  2PCS/Set Foldable Anti-skid Plat
  2. Color:  Red
  3. Size: 55*17.5*1cm(21.6*6.8*0.39inch)
  4. Material:  Rubber
  5. Quantity:  2PCS / Set
  6. Color: Red.
  7. Weight: 1200g.
  8. Size: 55 x 18 x 1cm.

- Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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