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26.99-65.99 Professional Dog & Cat Nail Clippers is the loving way to professionally trim your pet’s ...

Professional Dog & Cat Nail Clippers

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Professional Dog & Cat Nail Clippers
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Professional Dog & Cat Nail Clippers is the loving way to professionally trim your pet’s nails everyday. Now you can see the delicate blood line so you trim in the right spot every time. And when their nails are beautifully trimmed there will be less scratching on you, on furniture and on doors and walls.

Trimming your pet's nails can be a very tedious and even a pain. This is especially true when you can't see what you're doing very well. That is why experts and verterinarians have worked together to develop a painless nail trimmer for pets and best of all it includes an LED light bulb so you can keep an eye on what you are doing all the time. 

The Professional Dog Nail Clippers is an innovative nail trimmer that is designed to remove pet nails easily and lovingly. It asserts to have a super bright LED light and magnifier that guides users to trim nails gently.  With Pet nail clipper they will put out their paw and love you more every time you go to trim. Let Pet nail clipper care system turn trimming from something of dread... to something they want to do, making it safe and pleasant for both of you.

This Dog Nail Clippers is the professional way of trimming pet nails without taking a lot of time and hurting them. Dog nail trimming is designed to keep in mind the delicate internal vein to avoid hurting pets.

This pet nail clippers assures that unlike painful nail trimmers it illuminates the nail and shows the vein under it with its super-bright LED light for precise trimming. The nail system  provide an amazing features (5x magnification mirror) to clearly view the area requiring the trim. once it is reviewed.

Pet care Trimmer emphasizes to offer comfortable grip with a Quick Clip feature that trims the nail with its precision-honed razor sharp blades. It has a nail trapper so you do not have to clean up nails trimmings off the floor and off your clothes

  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY FIRST - With protective guard to protect your dogs from "Over-trimming" and safety lock for easy storage.
  • CREATED BY TWO VETERINARIANS - OUR PREMIUM BUILD DOG NAIL CLIPPERS - Used by us everyday on pets and our clients
  • HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO USE DESIGN - Light weight, non-slip rubber handles for comfortable grip and safety dog nail cutter.
  • ERGONOMIC AND RUBBER-COATED HANDLES - Easy grip non-slip handles for a comfortable grip and ensuring a safe nail trimming experience.

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